eemanThe foundation of the Islamic faith is belief in the Unity of God. This means to believe that there is only one Creator and Sustainer of everything in the Universe, and that nothing is divine or worthy of being worshiped except for Him.

The Arabic word for belief is ‘Imaan’. A Muslim must have Imaan. This entails belief in six things:

1. The first is to believe in Allah, to believe that He exists, He is One and He alone is the Creator, Sustainer and Lord over everything and He Alone is worthy of worship.

2. The second is to believe in the angeels who are also the creation of Allah. Allah created from light and they always obey Him. They have been assigned carious task which they carry faithfully. Some of them were given the task of carrying the Message to the Prophets. Others are assigned to record the good and bad actions of human beings. The number of angels is something known only to Allah but there are four who are quite well-known to us – the four ‘archangels’ – Jibril (Gabriel), Mika’il (Michael), Izra’il (Azrael – the angel of death) and Israafil (Raphael).

3. The third is to believe in Allah’s Prophets. They were His Messengers on this earth and wre responsible for teaching Islam to their people. They came ot teach people to do good and lived their lives according to what they preached. The first man was also the first Prophet, and he was Adam (Allah’s Peace and Blessing be upon him). The last Prophet was Muhammad (Allah’s Peace and Blessing be upon him). Some other famous Prophets are:

  1. Nuh (Noah)
  2. Ibrahim (Abraham)
  3. Isma’il (Ishmael)
  4. Ishaaq (Isaac)
  5. Musa  (Moses)
  6. Isa (Jesus)

(Allah’s Peace and Blessings upon all of them). A Muslim must believe in all the Prophets and give them due respect, but they should not be worshiped.

4. The fourth is to believe in the Books of Allah. Allah revealed Books to certain Prophets, as guidance for mankind. The Noble Qur’an is the Book revealed to Prophet Muhamamd (Allah’s Peace and Blessings be upon him). The three books which are know to use that were revealed before the Qur’an are:

The Torah; revealed to Prophet Musa.

The Zabur; revelead to Prophet Dawud

The Injil, revealed to Prophet Isa

(Allah’s Peace and Blessing upon all of them). Some people who have been ultimately disobedient have distorted the message in some books in order to perhaps mislead others. Allah has protected the Noble Qur’an from any kind of distortion.

5. The fifth is to believe in the life after death. A Muslim has to believe that life in this world will come to an end one day. Everything in  this world will perish. Then Allah will bring al the human beings back to life and judge them according to their deeds which they did while they lived on earth. Those who have obeyed Allah and spent their lives doing good will go to Jannah (Paradise). There they will have everything good that they could possibly want as a reward. For those who are disobedient to Allah’s Commands will be condemned to Jahannum (Hellfire) as a punishment for the disobedience and bad deeds.

6. Believe that everything comes form Allah. This means that Allah knows everything that is going to happen whether it is a good thing or a bad thing. Nothing in this world takes place without His Permission or Knowledge, If something good happens to a Muslim he should thank Allah for it. He should be patient and ask Allah for relief if something bad happens to him.

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