Quran Reader HD

Quran Reader HD

Quran Reader HD is an excellent IPad app that brings the Qur’an to the iPad. qreaderhd2 This is a really good app, which if you read the 15-line Qur’an in the Uthmaani script is very useful indeed. Almost worth buying an iPad just for this app! It is also available for the iPhone. See links below.

Simply tap and hold on an ayah to play the recitation, create a note, view the translation or view the tafseer.

* Verse-by-verse Recitation & Background Audio*
Use the audio feature to listen to the beautiful recitation of Sheikh Abdelbasit Abdelsamad. If you’re interested in memorization you can set it to automatically repeat each verse as it goes or have it repeat the entire selection. You can choose a specific group of ayahs to play or listen to the end of the surah or continue on and play the entire Quran. Quran Reader will highlight each verse as you listen to the recitation, letting you follow along and improve your reading skills. Listen to the Quran in the car or on the go even when your iPad is locked with background audio.


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