Matn of al-Ashmawiyyah

The work, Matn al-‘Ashmawiyyah, by the great scholar ‘Abd al-Baari al-‘Ashmaawiy ar-Rifaa’iyyu, is one of the most celebrated introductory texts in the Malik Madhhab. Traditionally, it was either this text or Matn al-Akhdari which were used as primers for beginners in the Maliki Madhhab, depending on where one was situated on the map. This text, Matn al-‘Ashmawiyyah, was more ideal in East Africa and the latter was more favored in the West, up to North Africa. This treatise explores aspects of worship by which a beginner absorbs enough to make his servitude to Allah correct.

This is a course taught by Ustadh Abdus Shakur Brooks covering the entire text. This text covers the essentials of purification, prayer and fasting according to the Mālikī school.

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