atbThis is a series of books in PDF format which are in Arabic. They start at a very basic level and gradually increase in difficulty. You can read them and listen to them as well, (although the voices can be a little annoying)

This is set 1. There are four sets with 10 books in each set.

Click on link to download. Due to the nature of the books they can be quite large so be patient when downloading:

Set 1

Book 1 – My Brother and Me

Book 2 – Eid Gifts

Book 3 – Justice is Great

Book 4 – The Fox and the Treasure

Book 5 – It is One Flower

Book 6 – Every Three Trees

Book 7 – The Lion and the Three Bulls

Book 8 – The Giant

Book 9 – Try to Read

Book 10 – Hammoodah and the Little Genie


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